Problem with startx and TinyCore linux version 6.4 and soeul-fancy

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Sat Feb 20 01:21:18 CET 2016


I am using a Lenovo T520 laptop and Genode version 15-11. If I run with the the bzImage-3.1 and tc-browser.gz (downloaded by
the script from, I succeed in booting into an X environment
after clicking on the init button when Genode's window manager comes up.
Therefore, I know I have compiled the tools and enabled my build
environment correctly.

Then I replaced the kernel: bzImage-3.1 and initrd:  tc-browser.gz with a
custom-compiled bzImage ( I need to enable an additional kernel feature),
and the standard core.gz. I modified the run script so they would download
from my web server running on localhost.

I am then  loading the minimal TC extensions (after booting to the shell)
to load the X windows environment:

tce-load -wi Xvesa.tcz
tce-load -wi Xlibs.tcz
tce-load -wi Xprogs.tcz
tce-load -wi aterm.tcz
tce-load -wi flwm_topside.tcz
tce-load -wi wbar.tcz

Using the standard cmdline in the script, the network would
not start, so I added init=linuxrc to the cmdline, which made the network
work. However some values of vga=xxx break the network (no IP address).

No matter what is the issue with the network, I can find no way to make
startx to work, regardless of which values for vga I use from this table (
the standard script used 0x314 = 791 in the table below.

Color     640x480     800x600      1024x768     1280x1024
   256    8 bit     769         771           773          775
 32000   15 bit     784         787           790          793
 65000   16 bit     785         788           791          794
 16.7M   24 bit     786         789           792          795

Does anyone have a working solution?

Arthur Low
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