Running Ubuntu Snappy under Genode on a SnickerDoodle..?

Peter Lindener lindener.peter at ...9...
Tue Feb 2 23:43:07 CET 2016

    It's encouraging to find that Genode already provides some support for
the Zynq_7000 ARM/FPGA SOC..

   I gather SnickerDoodle <> (I will be Alpha testing),
supports Ubuntu Snappy booted from an SD card out of the box

My dream here is that Ubuntu Snappy might run under Genode, along side the
more real-time oriented I/O and control process..  (that I would not trust
to run within Snappy).... that is:I would like the benefits of both Genode,
and a mainstream IOT orientated Linux distribution (that someday I hope
will become BSD centric )

  thus, I write asking for advice as to how I might best get all of these
OS parts to play nicely together...and if anyone else has a similar
interest for Genode's future directions.

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