USB storage detachment / reattachment

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Fri Dec 23 10:14:23 CET 2016

Hello Martijn,

* Martijn Verschoor <verschoor at ...434...> [2016-12-22 15:29:32 +0100]:
> For the latter finding, I am aware that the usb driver supports a
> policy mechanism for raw devices (in combination with the
> usb_report_filter component). But to my knowledge for storage devices,
> such a policy mechanism does not exist, right?

FWIW, there is an USB block storage driver [1] that uses the Usb raw
session and can be used instead of the in-built storage driver of the
usb_drv. A custom runtime/management component could monitor the
usb_drv device report and spawn the whole stack if it detects a USB
storage device. The usb_drv's device report does not contain the device
class so far though but adding that to the report is easy.

[1] repos/os/src/drivers/usb_block


Josef Söntgen
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