Checkpoint/restore of capabilities

Denis Huber huber.denis at ...435...
Wed Aug 31 17:21:54 CEST 2016

Dear Genode community,

as some of you already know, I want to create a checkpoint/restore 
mechanism for components on Genode 16.05 and Fiasco.OC. I want to create 
a component which monitors the PD and CPU sessions of its children (= 
targets for checkpoint/restore) to have access to their memory and 
thread states.

For a complete checkpoint and restore of a child I also need to store 
the capabilities used by a child. How can I acquire and also restore all 
these capabilities?

After a restore of a component the capability space shall be the "same" 
as before the checkpoint:
1) The capabilities after the restore shall point to corresponding 
object identities.
2) Also the capabilities after the restore shall be on the same slot 
(have the same address) in the capability space as before the checkpoint.

The capability space resides in the kernel and Genode does not offer an 
API to manipulate it. Is there a way to accomplish my goal with Genode's 
API anyway?

Kind regards,

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