Genode 16.05 Fault handler

Denis Huber huber.denis at ...435...
Tue Aug 30 14:10:59 CEST 2016

Dear Genode community,

in Genode 16.05 the old usage of Signal_receivers and Signal_contexts is 
considered deprecated. Instead Signal_handler and Signal_transmitter 
shall be used.

I am trying to use a Signal_handler as a fault handler for env's address 
space. I wrote a short test to illustrate the problem [1].


The output of [1] is as follows:
[init -> pf-signal_handler] --- pf-signal_handler started ---
no RM attachment (WRITE pf_addr=1000 pf_ip=100061c from 2ae000)
Could not resolve pf=1000 ip=100061c

The signal handler was registered correctly, because the line
unsigned int)::<lambda(Genode::Signal_context_component*)>: invalid 
signal-context capability
is missing. However, the method _handle_fault() is never entered. What 
am I doing wrong?

Kind regards,

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