Turmvilla scenario

Alexander Boettcher alexander.boettcher at ...1...
Tue Oct 20 20:44:35 CEST 2015

Hello Vincent,

On 20.10.2015 16:24, Vincent Digital wrote:
> Are those quota overflow messages really a problem ?

If you mean the "Quota exceeded" messages then it is normally no
problem. Shortly afterwards of such a message you should see some
"upgrading quota donation for ..." message. Mainly a server complains
about insufficient memory resources to fulfil a request of a client. The
client gets an appropriate exception and handles it by upgrading the
memory resources of the session to this server and finally continues
with the last operation.

> [ESC: ScreenAttribs, 0]Assertion "block->tag == Block::Used" failed at
> /home/vincent/genode-15.08/contrib/nova-61ea642d86312acd24698976f79d4530132c05a2/src/kernel/nova/src/buddy.cpp:143:void
> Buddy::free(mword, Quota&)

This is a bug which got fixed on Genode master already. Unfortunately -
the Turmvilla scenario is not (yet) based on Genode master. (Issue 1672
on github). You may try to cherry-pick the corresponding commit and
rebuild and replace the kernel on your branch. The bug triggered (until
now) only on a 32bit Turmvilla setup.

> NOVA Microhypervisor v7-a4a926a (x86_32): Oct 10 2015 18:00:57 [gcc 4.9.2]
> detected physical memory: 0x0000000100000000 - size: 0xfc000000
> detected physical memory: 0x0000000200000000 - size: 0x3c000000

You should build Turmvilla as 64bit. First you avoid the manual
cherry-picking fixup. Secondly you would utilize all physical memory of
your machine. On 32bit Genode/Nova all physical memory above 4G are not
used. According to your memory map (the two "detected physical memory"
messages above) you effectively don't use ~5GB RAM of your machine -
which you definitely want to use ;-)



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