Announcement: Genode OS Framework version 15.11 released

Christian Helmuth christian.helmuth at ...1...
Mon Nov 30 13:55:53 CET 2015

The current release focuses on Genode as a desktop operating system
and brings lots of improvements in the whole software stack in this
regard. On the lower end, we ported the Intel graphics adapter driver
from Linux, which enables the use of multiple displays and dynamically
configure the screen resolution and connectors. The way up the stack
we added secure copy-paste in form of a clipboard component, which
supports configuration of the information flow and counters covert
communication. On the top, we extensively improved our GUI
implementation, most prominently visible by the ability to change the
window decorator on run time. The highlights of version 15.11 are

  - Desktop OS features
    - Vastly improved GUI stack
    - Dynamic audio-mixer settings
    - Copy and paste between subsystems
  - New VFS component and VFS improvements
  - New LOG aggregator
  - Improved support for dynamic component configurations
  - VirtualBox support for 64-bit guest OSes
  - Device drivers
    - Intel KMS framebuffer driver
    - Framebuffer driver for Exynos 4
    - AHCI for non-NCQ devices
    - Ability to connect to hidden wireless networks
  - Platforms
    - Xilinx Zynq-7000 support, including networking
    - Improved TrustZone support on USB Armory
    - Simplified memory management on NOVA
  - Booting via iPXE over HTTP
  - New tool for creating preconfigured U-Boot images

All improvements of the current release are covered by the release

Kind regards

Christian Helmuth
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