Noux port

Josef Söntgen josef.soentgen at ...1...
Mon Nov 30 13:14:32 CET 2015

Hallo Harm,

* Harm de Vries <vries101 at ...9...> [2015-11-30 11:53:17 +0100]:
> I would like to get the Mutt email client running in Noux. Could someone
> give me a few pointers on how to start such a port?

Reading the porting guide [1] is usually the first step.

Creating a port mainly involves identifying the functionality the port
needs or rather expects and finding ways to provide it in Noux and/or
on Genode. Since the basic process is documented in the porting guide
I hesitate to repeat it here but, by all means, feel free to ask any
further questions if something is still unclear after reading it.

Regarding mutt, I already started porting it some time ago [1]
(the branch includes isync and msmtp as well) but have not finished
it yet. There are still some unresolved issue (e.g. our terminal
lacks support for some escape sequences issued by ncurses while
using mutt) and I only tested mbsync and msmtp briefly — I rather
expect them to fail than to work properly. That being said if you
want to give porting mutt yourself a shot, be my guest and I will
gladly lend you a hand or two :-)

Regards Josef


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