SMP IRQ Affinity in L4android

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Sun Nov 22 15:29:04 CET 2015

hello Stefan,
I haven't tried to run L4Linux/L4Android on L4Re. Perhaps, l4 hacker community can answer this question. I've been there for help.
And will you continue to update L4Linux which supports android running on it, or you have given it up?

At 2015-11-16 15:47:38, "Stefan Kalkowski" <stefan.kalkowski at ...1...> wrote:
>Hi Li,
>Just a few notes: we did not port L4Linux ability to directly use
>hardware resources like interrupts and I/O memory. Instead we use
>L4Linux in its para-virtualized form only. So within L4Android you can
>use virtual interrupts delivered by other software components only.
>The affinity setting seems to work as expected from what you have
>described. Linux' proc filesystem's view is probably not synchronized
>with the interrupt settings of the L4 kernel correctly. Maybe it always
>shows CPU zero regardless of the actual IRQ state. Have you ever tried
>to run L4Linux/L4Android in its original version on top of
>Fiasco.OC/L4Re? Does that version delivers correct values via the proc
>filesystem? Lastly, I have to admit that we do not use or test this old
>port of L4Android (2.3) anymore.

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