Error in the example "qt5_openglwindow"

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Tue Nov 17 22:25:40 CET 2015

Hi Christian,

On 11/16/2015 01:14 PM, Christian Prochaska wrote:
> Hello Humberto,
> On 11/12/2015 11:17 PM, Humberto López León wrote:
>> I also tried two more examples of qt5_gui module (qtbase/examples/gui),
>> the rasterwindow and analogclock. To include these examples in the
>> compilation mechanism of Genode I relied on the example
>> "qt5_openglwindow". Both examples compiled correctly, but do not run as
>> they should. I tried it on Qemu with pbxa9 using the foc  kernel.
> could you provide a Genode branch on github or a patch with the changes
> you made, so I can easily reproduce the problem?
> Christian
First I want to explain that I am not an expert in application 
development QT, nor do I have much experience in working with the 
framework Genode, but I'm interested in checking the proper functioning 
of Qt in Genode.

I continued examining the trace of the error in the execution of example 
This is my partial conclusion of the problem:

When the rasterwindow application (defined in 
qtbase/examples/gui/rasterwindow/rasterwindow.cpp) run the 108 line 
(QPaintDevice *device = m_backingStore->paintDevice()), this ends 
calling the function QPaintDevice 
*QNitpickerWindowSurface::paintDevice() (defined in 
This implementation of paintDevice() function fails in the 62 line 
(QRect geo = _platform_window->geometry();).

I do not know much about the integration between Nitpicker of Genode and 
Qt. I apologize for my lack of technical language.

Any idea what is happening?
Thank you for the cooperation.


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