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Martin Stein martin.stein at ...1...
Wed Nov 11 15:03:29 CET 2015

Hey Joseph,

Am 11.11.2015 um 00:53 schrieb Joseph Lee:
> Can anyone please tell me something about 'Completion host signal timed out' error message? 

You get this message because the SDHC driver timed out when waiting for
the host state that signals that both the command and the transfer of a
multi-block access completed. In short, either one of the bits
"transfer-complete"/"command-complete" is missing or an unexpected IRQ
(e.g. an error) was raised. This may be a bug in the driver. To make
sure which is the case, could you please replace

   if (!wait_for<Irqstat>(irq_goal, _delayer)) {
      PERR("Completion host signal timed out");

in [1] with

   if (!wait_for<Irqstat>(irq_goal, _delayer, 3000)) {
      PERR("Completion host signal timed out %x", read<Irqstat>());

and post the new log (I also raised the time out, just in case that the
operation simple takes longer in your case).

Could you please also send me your custom file to enable me
to reproduce your scenario (assuming you modified nothing else)?


[2] repos/os/src/drivers/sd_card/spec/imx53/ line 116

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