TrustZone: transfering information cross-world using interrupts

David Goltzsche goltzsche at ...290...
Fri Nov 6 15:39:20 CET 2015


this is a follow-up question to an earlier thread [0] on this
mailinglist regarding the injection of software interrupts from Genode
into the normal world VM.

The basic mechanism works fine, but we need to transfer some meta
information with the interrupt to the normal world.

One possible approach would be to write something to a certain location
in the non-secure memory before triggering the interrupt and reading
that location from Linux. Of course, a cross-world synchronization
mechanism is required here to maintain the consistency of the reserved
memory range.

Another approach could use Linux's shared interrupts: Additional
information can be transferred via the dev_id pointer passed to an
interrupt handler.

Are both approaches possible in general, which one would you recommend?



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