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Hello Vincent,

On Mon, Nov 02, 2015 at 06:30:30PM +0800, Vincent Digital wrote:
> However, after adding in the "nic_bridge", I could not access the network
> (Internet) from either the Windows or Linux subsystem. I suspect
> configuration issues of the "nic_bridge". The MAC address in the log file
> does not change to my assigned MAC address "02:00:00:00:00:00" but my own
> NIC card. It seems that if I used auto assignment of VMs' IP addresses via
> DHCP, I would just need to configure the turmvilla.run file.  Is there any
> other file(s) that I should change as well ?

IMO you don't need to adjust the "mac" attribute as it configures MAC
address values for clients of nic_bridge. (please refer to
repos/os/src/server/nic_bridge/README). The README also describes the
service nic_bridge provides: It implements an ethernet bridge with
proxy ARP for its clients. This way, the network packets are not
mangled much and most of the time are bridged unchanged. As each
nic_bridge client is seen by the LAN as dedicated network node it
needs its own MAC address, which is taken from the locally
administered range 02:... That's also the reason why we added the mac
attribute, which allows to test several Genode hosts in the same LAN
by assigning disjoint MAC address ranges.

If you are able to run a packet sniffer on your DHCP server host, you
may see packets from your real NIC f0:de:... and also from the 02:...
range. This is also the point where you may start to investigate if
any DHCPDISCOVER packets arrive from your test machine. Maybe you
could start with a more basic network scenario like

  make run/netperf_lwip_bridge

from the ports repository?

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