Re: Port Genode(13.05) to exynos4412 with Fiasco.oc(R67)

四枚羽根 sunyu0715 at ...333...
Sat May 30 08:57:03 CEST 2015

We have alreadly got fiasco.oc(R67) running on the Exynos4412 successfully,
and tested Genode(13.05) on pandaboard.So i am trying to test Genode(13.05)
with fiasco.oc(R67) on Exynos4412.
Have made all the configuration and passed the compilation(,i get a 'image.elf' and then change it to 'image.raw'.
The Fiasco.oc starts successfully during the execution of image.raw on Exynos4412,but end with the error,i know it is about protection domain.
Do you have any idea about the error? Then can you show me the log of your Fiasco.oc's boot(on Odroid-X2).

Thanks and regards

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