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Hello Josef,

On May 8, 2015 02:52, "Josef Söntgen" <josef.soentgen at ...1...>
> Hello Aditya,
> * Aditya Kousik <adit267.kousik at ...9...> [2015-05-07 17:08:00 -0700]:
> > 2.  Compilation of ndn-cxx goes fine (after adding ndn-cxx-config.hpp).
> > The final set of errors are undefined references. I'm facing similar
> > problems to the article written about porting SDL_net.
> > undefined references to 'kqueue', 'kevent' and 'sendmsg'.
> >
> > I've found a few implementations of kqueue(), kevent() in the original
> > repository : they're defined in kern_event.c which is not present in the
> > current libc port. Same for sendmsg. I've been trying to add kevent and
> > kqueue by changing the libc port by adding sys/kern to the list of
> > and adding a mk file for the libc-kern component. I'm wondering if I
> > go to the extent of doing this because just by looking at the code I can
> > see that there will be a cascade of dependencies within sys/kern itself
> > that I now have to deal with. Suggestions would help - I'm kind of lost
> > with this exact decision that was mentioned in porting SDL_net.

That sounds doable. Can you point to where you've provided the syscall
implementation expected to by done by the kernel? I can get an appreciation
for the way it's implemented. Have you implemented select(2)/poll(2)

> That is the kernel side of FreeBSD's kqueue(2) implementation and is
> not part of the libc. If you take a closer look at our libc you will
> see that we actually implement the system call functions, i.e., we
> provide the functionality normally expected from the kernel.
> Therefore, your job would be to write the implementation of the kernel
> side of kqueue(2) like it is done for, e.g., select(2) or rather
> emulate its behaviour.
> > The weirdest part in this, is that I can't seem to find the place in the
> > ndn-cxx code that even makes a call or even includes sys/event.h. I
> > the words 'kqueue', 'kevent' and 'sendmsg' and they're present in the
> > object files but nowhere to be found in the source files!
> Yeah, I bet boost uses kqueue and the like in its asynchronous I/O
> backend because it thinks it is running on FreeBSD. Hence, you could
> try to configure boost in such a way that it uses poll(2) or select(2)
> (that would be the easy way) or you could extend the libc (the not so
> easy way). Since you would not gain much performance-wise (*), I would
> take the easy way.

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