Porting GNU libraries

Aditya Kousik adit267.kousik at ...9...
Tue May 5 08:04:10 CEST 2015

Thank you for the response. I've sort of generated a port for a part of the
boost libraries. It builds the src/lib/boost in the contrib folder, the
dummy application links the library also. (How do I run applications built
on linux_x86 platform?) The boost libraries are mainly .hpp files. By
dependencies, I meant, header files #including other header files.

For instance: for simplicity, if I set DIRS_CONTENT(include/regex) :=
src/lib/boost/boost/regex/regex.hpp. But the actual header file simply has
more includes to header files in the same directory, does the build system
recognise this?

On May 4, 2015 22:56, "Josef Söntgen" <josef.soentgen at ...1...>

> Hello Aditya,
> * Aditya Kousik <adit267.kousik at ...9...> [2015-05-04 20:15:16 -0700]:
> > If I get the order of the .port and libports/lib/mk/<port-name>.mk right,
> > DIRS and DIRS_CONTENT are the generated/copied headers during the build;
> > and INC_DIR in the .mk file configures make to look at the current folder
> > for local includes.
> Yes, directories in DIRS get populated from the content in DIRS_CONTENT
> while preparing the port. Basically, the populated include directory
> should only contain the files that are needed on Genode. The same goes
> for the src directory, although we do not do that for most small
> libraries/applications but only for larger ones (VirtualBox, Linux
> sources etc).
> > I'm asking this because if the include files that appear in
> > contrib-<hash>/src/lib/include have multiple dependencies, the build will
> > still work, right? I'm guessing the headers in the DIRS are just for the
> > genode application to include and the build system takes the actual src
> > while compiling.
> Actually, these header files are also used by the library/application
> itself. If the libraries depend on other libraries you only have
> to add the library to the LIBS variable in the .mk file and the build
> system will try to pick up the matching import-<port-name>.mk file.
> This in return will extend INC_DIR, that is used by the build system
> to generate the right compiler flags.
> On that account, the INC_DIR variable in the import file should only
> contain the public header paths used by other libraries/applications.
> In the lib/target.mk file it is fine to point the build system and
> thereby the compiler to other directories in addition, e.g.
> $(REP_DIR)/src/lib/<port-name> or even contrib-<hash>/src. In this
> regard, the SDL port is a good example.
> Regards
> Josef
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