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I am working with TrustZone using Genode and I am trying to pass data from
the secure world to the normal world and vice versa. The problem lies with
the fact that the normal world can only access a certain part of the RAM
memory the board has to offer so all the data I want to give to the normal
world has to be placed somewhere it can access. And I can't seem to figure
out how to place data at a specific address using Genode.

When I try to use pointers to the wanted memory location, the error "No RM
attachment" keeps popping up. This may very well be caused by the fact I am
using a pointer to a place that does not yet has a valid data object in it.
I believe the correct answer has something to do with the use of dataspaces
but am not sure how or what kind of dataspace I need to use for random data
I generate myself.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Best regards,
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