How can I port Genode to Exynos4 platform?

Martin Stein martin.stein at ...1...
Thu Mar 12 15:19:15 CET 2015

Hi Cooper,

On 12.03.2015 09:21, pyl wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I can run genode(base-foc) on the Pandaboard ES, and now I want to port 
> genode to Odroid-Q2(exynos4412), but there is no script to run , I don't 
> know what need I do and how to configure genode to make it work on Odroid.
> Can you help me?

If you don't depend on using Fiasco.OC as kernel, I suggest you to port
our custom kernel that resides in the base-hw repository. We recently
had a pretty similar request regarding the YSE5250 board. The according
answer [1] by Norman Feske can be used as a guideline in your case too.

In the 'create_builddir' tool you should use 'odroid_q2' instead of
'yse5250'. Everywhere else you should use 'exynos4' instead of
'yse5250'. This way, at the frontend of the Genode build tools, it stays
clear to the user for which board exactly a scenario is build while the
code in the background encourages contributers to try reutilization
first before writing new code.

Additionally to the suggested 'grep -ri "arndale" ...' you should also
do 'grep -ri "exynos5" ...' as your board presumably differs from
Arndale also at the SoC level. Furthermore, 'find base-hw -wholename
*exynos5*' and 'find base-hw -wholename *arndale*' can give some useful



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