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Subject: 	Genode on iMX53 with TrustZone
Date: 	Thu, 12 Mar 2015 16:05:30 +0900
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I’m writing this e-mail to ask you some questions to build and boot
Genode with TrustZone into FreeScales iMX53 QSB.

According to the article
in https://sourceforge.net/p/genode/mailman/message/33584768/, I could
build and boot (maybe) Genode in my iMX53 board.
Through the serial, I only could see the log as bellow :

/Starting kernel …/
/kernel initialized/
/Genode 15.02/
/init main() : — create local services —/
/[init -> tz_vmm] Start virtual machine…/

After this log, I could see only blinking prompt.

Is this successful boot of Genode with TrustZone? 
If possible, can you provide me with successful log on iMX53 QSB?

Furthermore, I’d like to boot guest OS (normal world OS) after booting
up Genode with TrustZone.
Is there any way for this?

I’m looking forward to your response, and thank you very much in advance.

My Best Regards,
Jaemin Park

Park, Jae Min
Member of Engineering Staff
System R&D Division, The Attached Institute of ETRI
Tel : +82-42-870-4757
Mobile : +82-10-3109-2658 
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