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Adrian-Ken Rueegsegger ken at ...309...
Mon Mar 9 11:08:43 CET 2015

Hello Norman,

First of all thank you for creating such a document and giving it to the
community. As I started familiarizing myself with Genode about a month
ago, your timing is impeccable :)

On 03/06/2015 04:22 PM, Norman Feske wrote:
> I would greatly appreciate feedback from the community about those
> chapters - be it in the form of minor spelling or grammar fixes,
> suggestions for additional topics you wish to see covered, hints about
> misleading paragraphs, or any other concerns that you may have.

I have reviewed the entire document expect for the NOVA deferred
page-fault handling section in the "Under the hood" chapter. Most
changes are typo fixes and other minor stylistic corrections. Besides
that I included some suggestions for alternative wording.

You can find the changes incorporated into the document in the review
branch at [1]. Please let me know if you would like me to submit the
changes in a different form (e.g. pull request) or make other adjustments.


[1] -

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