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Martin Stein martin.stein at ...1...
Fri Jan 30 11:19:17 CET 2015

Hi Waldo,

For further debugging it might be useful to know the content of your
'$BUILD_DIR/core/core' image for the given instruction pointer
(0x800019f4). You may achieve this via
'$GENODE_TOOLCHAIN/bin/genode-arm-objdump -DCl $IMAGE'. This should also
provide you with the location inside the source code that corresponds to
the given IP. This way, you should be able to dig deeper on the cause of
the fault. If you communicate your Genode branch (e.g. via github) I'd
be able to reproduce your image and refer to it as well.


On 29.01.2015 22:27, Waldo Paz Rodriguez wrote:
> Hi Genode hackers, I am changed the UART specifications, and compiled
> the printf scenario. This time I got a serial output, it seems to load
> the core process and then start the printf application, but a
> pagefault occurs. I attach the serial output:
> ## Starting application at 0x80000000 ...
> kernel initialized
> \0x1b[32mGenode 14.11\0x1b[0m
> int main(): \0x1b[33m--- create local services ---\0x1b[0m
> \0x1b[31mPagefault in core thread (core): ip=800019f4 fault=1008\0x1b[0m
> \0x1b[34mfailed to communicate thread event\0x1b[0m
> \0x00
> Best regards, waldo
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