Error for l4android with Genode 14.11

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Wed Jan 28 14:56:34 CET 2015

Hi all,
When I run l4android (3.5) with the latest Genode, I got an error, the args for l4android in run script is "mem=512M console=ttys0 l4x_rd=root-lc.gz".  
Part of log is as follows:

[init -> l4android] Main thread running, waiting...
[init -> l4android] l4re_global_env:0
[init -> l4android] Main memory size: 512MB
unmapping of managed dataspaces not yet supported
[init -> l4android] Main memory: virt:20000000 to 3fffffff [524288 KiB]
[init -> l4android] Main memory: phys:0x00000000 to 0x20000000, size: 536870912
[init -> l4android] Filling lower ptabs...
[init -> l4android] Done (0 entries).
[init -> l4android] l4x_register_pointer_section: addr = 01000000 size = 5242880
[init -> l4android] text: virt: 1000000 to 14fffff [5120 KiB]
[init -> l4android] Cannot determine physical address for dataspace Binary!
[init -> l4android] error: failed to get physical address for 1000000.
virtual void Genode::Signal_session_component::submit(Genode::signal_context_capability, unsigned int): invalid signal-contex capability
virtual void Genode::Pager_activation_base::entry(): Could not resolve pf=3fffff000 ip=1000e88

It seems that the virtual address(0x20000000 ~ 0x3fffffff) has not been mapped to actual physical address. So I compared the L4Linux support library
with previous versions, I found the funtion "l4re_ma_alloc" (in ports-foc/src/lib/l4lx/ has changed, and l4android will use the
function for memory allocation. Can somebody tells me why make that adjustment?  Is it the reason why l4android produces that error?
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