failure running seoul-genode run script

Alexander Boettcher alexander.boettcher at ...1...
Sat Jan 10 13:58:57 CET 2015


On 09.01.2015 19:11, Tim Newsham wrote:
> When trying to run seoul-genode I get errors that seem to
> loop forever.  The normal "printf" run script runs fine, just
> not from within seoul.
> Some output is shown below with a
> full log at .
> I also tried running seoul-kernelbuild and saw similar failures,
> but without the looping behavior.  The failures seem to happen
> in seoul itself.

for as discussed via IRC the issue where here that a
64bit Genode guest was attempted to run inside Seoul at ...269.../Nova. I
added a convenience check to make it more obvious that a 32bit guest is
a better fit here (github issue 1358).

For the error looks differently. Does it also
happen with current Genode master ?



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