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Thanks. I guess I would like people to point me in the right direction at
least so I know what to try and so I know that I'm not getting ignored. As
for your suggestion, it doesn't change anything. Note that rump_fs works
with usb_drv just fine. There seems to be something wrong with part_blk
interacting with hardware drivers. Is there any safe (non-writing) Block
test that I can try on my computer? Also, can part_blk_ahci be tested on
some of the test machines over there?

On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 11:05 PM, Norman Feske <norman.feske at ...1...>

> Hi Ben,
> please don't feel offended when a particular post of your's does not
> receive immediate attention. Most of the regular developers want to give
> profound advice rather than shooting in the blue. For coming up with a
> good advise, however, one must take some time to investigate. This is
> particularly the case for assisting with practical troubleshooting,
> which often requires experimentation. Given the fact that each of us
> works quite intensively on topics different from your's, it is not
> always possible to prioritize your questions over the current line of
> work. Sometimes, a meaningful response may take some days. Should a
> question remain unanswered for a week, a wake-up message from your side
> is appreciated. ;-)
> On 01/06/2015 02:55 AM, Nobody III wrote:
> > I have been experimenting with things related to my issue when using
> > part_blk with ahci, and I have found that it works fine in both QEMU and
> > Virtualbox. However, when I combine part_blk with usb_drv, I encounter
> > what appears to be the exact same problem, but it only occurs on some of
> > the kernels. The scenario works bug-free on okl4 and fiasco, but freezes
> > on foc and nova. Note that other servers such as rump_fs work just fine
> > with the usb driver, so the problem isn't a simple driver failure. I've
> > attached the run script for the usb and part_blk scenario. I hope this
> > helps fix my AHCI issue (which only occurs on real hardware) as well.
> Good that you could draw the line between these kernels. In fact, OKL4
> and L4/Fiasco solely rely on the legacy PIC (programmable interrupt
> controller) whereas Fiasco.OC and NOVA use the APIC. When using the APIC
> however, the interrupt numbers found in the PCI devices do not
> correspond to the numbers used (by the kernel and core's IRQ service) to
> program the interrupt controller. The numbers must be translated
> according to the information found in the ACPI tables. For this reason,
> drivers must use the IRQ service provided by the ACPI server instead of
> the IRQ service provided by core.
> In your run script, the default route prefers parent services over child
> services. Hence, when the USB driver opens an IRQ session, it gets
> routed to core's IRQ service. The driver looks up the IRQ number of the
> USB host controller by looking into the controller's PCI configuration
> space and then opens an IRQ session at core with the untranslated
> number. Eventually, the driver listens to the wrong interrupt. Try
> equipping the USB driver with the following route:
>   <route>
>     <service name="IRQ"> <child name="acpi" /> </service>
>     <any-service> <parent /> <any-child /> </any-service>
>   </route>
> This way, IRQ session requests from the USB driver will go to the ACPI
> server, which applies the necessary translation of interrupt numbers.
> Under the hood, the ACPI server opens an IRQ session at core, but using
> the translated number. For more information, there is a README file for
> the ACPI driver:
> Cheers
> Norman
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