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Wed Jan 7 01:43:23 CET 2015

I booted a few images on two thinkpad devices.  On my
T410s with an NVidia graphics card ("VGA compatible controller"
"NVIDIA Corporation" "GT218M [NVS 3100M]" -ra2 "Lenovo"
"Device 21cd") everything worked well.  On the T500 with
an intel graphics card I had problems.
("VGA compatible controller" "Intel Corporation" "Mobile 4 Series
Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller" -r07 "Lenovo"
"Device 20e4").  In text mode everything was fine but when
it switched to graphics mode, the screen had tearing.
This can be seen in .

The serial (AMT) output seems to indicate it tried to get
the right video mode from VESA:

[init -> fb_drv] Using video mode: 1680 x 1050 x 16

The full serial output can be seen at

Any idea why it wasnt able to set up the video properly here?
Is this just an unsupported graphics configuration?

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