bare-hw trustzone on the Freescale i.MX 6 Sabre SD board

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Tue Jan 6 14:24:28 CET 2015


I am trying to port the bare-hw trustzone to the Freescale i.MX 6 quad-core
Sabre SD board.

I started from the source code given in this repository:

I adapted the TSC-380 driver from the versatile express version as a TZASC
to the i.MX-6 board.

At this moment, I just configure the existing TSC-380 with the right base
address, but I did not yet configured it to secure any memory region.

Also, I did not yet used the CSU that was implemented for the i.MX53 to
secure any device.

I partitioned the the memory space into two parts:

0x1000 0000 - 0x2000 0000 : as a secure memory space
0x2000 0000 - 0x4000 0000 : as a non secure memory space

I implemented a small kernel in order to test the implementation.

My simple kernel is just an assembly code that call C function, that prints
a message on
the serial port.

I get an error after running the run/vmm test case.
Here are the debug messages that I get

void Kernel::trustzone_initialization(Kernel::Pic*): --- IMX6 trustzone
INIT ---
Core memory allocator
Allocator 102d46c0 dump:
 Block: [10000000,1000001c) size=0000001c avail=00000000 max_avail=00000000
 Block: [1000001c,10000038) size=0000001c avail=00000000 max_avail=00000000
 Block: [10000038,10000054) size=0000001c avail=00000000 max_avail=1fd28000
 Block: [10000054,10000070) size=0000001c avail=00000000 max_avail=00000000
 Block: [10000070,1000008c) size=0000001c avail=00000000 max_avail=00000000
 Block: [1000008c,10001000) size=00000f74 avail=00000f74 max_avail=1fd28000
 Block: [102d8000,30000000) size=1fd28000 avail=1fd28000 max_avail=1fd28000
 => mem_size=533893120 (509 MB) / mem_avail=533892980 (509 MB)

IO memory allocator
Allocator 102d4b1c dump:
 Block: [00000000,02020000) size=02020000 avail=02020000 max_avail=02020000
 Block: [02024000,020d0000) size=000ac000 avail=000ac000 max_avail=0df2c000
 Block: [020d4000,10000000) size=0df2c000 avail=0df2c000 max_avail=0df2c000
 Block: [100ec000,100f0000) size=00004000 avail=00004000 max_avail=20000000
 Block: [20000000,40000000) size=20000000 avail=20000000 max_avail=20000000
 => mem_size=805289984 (767 MB) / mem_avail=805289984 (767 MB)

IRQ allocator
Allocator 102d53d4 dump:
 Block: [00000000,0000003a) size=0000003a avail=0000003a max_avail=0000003a
 Block: [0000003b,00000058) size=0000001d avail=0000001d max_avail=000003a7
 Block: [00000059,00000400) size=000003a7 avail=000003a7 max_avail=000003a7
 => mem_size=1022 (0 MB) / mem_avail=1022 (0 MB)

ROM filesystem
Rom_fs 102d5814 dump:
 Rom: [100a5000,100a5358) linux
 Rom: [1004f000,1007fedc) init
 Rom: [100a7000,100a71ef) config
 Rom: [100a6000,100a601f) initrd.gz
 Rom: [10080000,100a409c) vmm

int main(): --- create local services ---
int main(): --- start init ---
int main(): transferred 508 MB to init
int main(): --- init created, waiting for exit condition ---
[init] Could not open file ""
[init] parent provides
[init]   service "ROM"
[init]   service "RAM"
[init]   service "IRQ"
[init]   service "IO_MEM"
[init]   service "CAP"
[init]   service "PD"
[init]   service "RM"
[init]   service "CPU"
[init]   service "LOG"
[init]   service "SIGNAL"
[init]   service "VM"
[init] child "vmm"
[init]   RAM quota:  3932160
[init]   ELF binary: vmm
[init]   priority:   0
[init -> vmm] Start virtual machine
[init -> vmm] Curious exception occurred
[init -> vmm] Cpu state:
[init -> vmm]   r0        = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   r1        = 000008e0
[init -> vmm]   r2        = 20000100
[init -> vmm]   r3        = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   r4        = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   r5        = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   r6        = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   r7        = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   r8        = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   r9        = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   r10       = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   r11       = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   r12       = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   sp        = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   lr        = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   ip        = 20000100
[init -> vmm]   cpsr      = 00000093
[init -> vmm]   sp_und    = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   lr_und    = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   spsr_und  = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   sp_svc    = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   lr_svc    = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   spsr_svc  = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   sp_abt    = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   lr_abt    = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   spsr_abt  = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   sp_irq    = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   lr_irq    = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   spsr_irq  = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   sp_fiq    = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   lr_fiq    = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   spsr_fiq  = 00000000
[init -> vmm]   exception = reset
virtual void
Not implemented

The file linux and initrd.gz showed here are not real. I named my simple
kernel as linux, and the initrd.gz file is an empty file.

The VMM version I am using loads an elf binary kernel.

I attached the assembly file of my simple kernel. From the dump of the CPU
state, we can see that the IP register shows the first instruction of the
kernel, which apparently generates an exception.

Could someone tell me how to track down the source of the error and help me
to debug it.

Thanks very much in advance.

Kind regards,
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