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Sat Jan 3 17:56:50 CET 2015

Hi Franc,

> so I need to add the following in the run script
> build_boot_image "core init ld.lib.so <http://ld.lib.so> test-printf",Is
> it right ? 

Well, when omitting the URL, you are fine. ;-)

> As I am new to Genode, I am not able to locate and run "make test/ldso".
> Actually, I am working base-hw kernel.
> Can some one help me in that ?

The ldso test is located in the libports repository. In order to use it,
you will need to uncomment the corresponding line in your
'<build-dir>/etc/build.conf' file. Note that the test depends on the
libc. To build it, you will need to download the libc. This can be done via

  cd <genode-dir>
  ./tool/ports/prepare_port libc

That said, when I think about it again, doing all these steps just for
silencing the diagnostic message seems a bit too much. Maybe, you would
be better off by creating a new pseudo target that solely depends on the
dynamic linker. Just create a new file at
'repos/base/src/test/dummy/target.mk' with the following content:

  TARGET = test-dummy
  LIBS   = ld

Thereby, you define a new build target what happens to depend on the
dynamic linker because 'ld' is specified for the LIBS declaration. When
building the target via 'make test/dummy', the dynamic linker will be
built. It might be appropriate to append 'test/dummy' to the build step
(the very first line) in the 'printf.run' script.


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