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Wed Feb 25 22:45:38 CET 2015

Hello Christian,

I have been running Nova 64 bit on a AMD Phenom machine and am using 
qemu version 1.0.

The problem symptoms varied from 'vbox file already existing' to not 
starting virtualbox at all. I decided to switch to Nova 32 bit. Now the 
symptoms are stable, I am getting 'vbox file already exising' every time 

I went through the code of 
genode-14.11/repos/ports/src/virtualbox/frontend/, which to me 
seems to be the driver of VirtualBox proper.

At around line 106 I found rc = machine->init(virtualbox, vm_name, 
This call is unsuccessful and also generates the "Machine : Machine 
settings file '/VirtualBox VMs/w7/w7.vbox' already exists" message. I 
have located the the VirtualBox file where this message is emanating 
from, it is MachineImpl.cpp, which can be found in 

This is the function that is called at around line 502:

  *  Initializes a new instance from a machine config that is already in 
  *  (import OVF case). Since we are importing, the UUID in the machine
  *  config is ignored and we always generate a fresh one.
  *  @param strName  Name for the new machine; this overrides what is 
specified in config and is used
  *                  for the settings file as well.
  *  @param config   Machine configuration loaded and parsed from XML.
  *  @return  Success indicator. if not S_OK, the machine object is invalid

HRESULT Machine::init(VirtualBox *aParent,
                       const Utf8Str &strName,
                       const settings::MachineConfigFile &config)

In here, Machine::tryCreateMachineConfigFile() is called (at 534). This 
call finds out that the vbox file already exists and terminates VirtualBox.

I have tried to call Machine::initFromSettings() instaed in, but 
that causes a lot more error messages for which I am lacking detailed 
knowledge about the innards of VirtualBox.

Up to here, I don't think qemu or atapi_drv are to blame for this 
problem, the call to Machine::init() looks to be the problem.

So, how exactly did succeed in executing  Windows 7 with 
VirtualBox on Nova using genode-14.11 ?

Regards, Adrian Schuur.

Am 24.02.2015 um 19:21 schrieb Christian Prochaska:
> Hello Adrian,
> I could not reproduce the same problem you reported, but found two other
> problems when trying to run VirtualBox in Qemu:
> First, 'atapi_drv' does not run well on newer Qemu versions (I used Qemu
> 2.2.0), so I changed your run script to use the 'ahci' driver instead
> (see attachment).
> Then I tried to run TinyCore Linux in the VM (with both the .vbox and
> the .iso file in the root directory of the ext2 image) and when the
> Linux kernel started to boot, VirtualBox reported 'invalid gueststate'
> errors and the kernel boot process never finished.
> So, even if you can find out why your VirtualBox complains about the
> 'w7.vbox' file, I would not have too high hopes of getting your VM
> running in VirtualBox on Qemu (or with AMD SVM hardware virtualization
> in general) without some prior work on the VirtualBox port. So far we
> have used and tested VirtualBox mainly on Intel hardware. Would that be
> an option for you?
> Regards,
> Christian
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