port samsung exynos 5

Martin Stein martin.stein at ...1...
Tue Feb 10 10:55:24 CET 2015

Hi Waldo,

We have had a similar problem with the Odroid-XU (also Exynos5)
recently. We've found that most of our Arndale-"specific" Code applied
to Odroid-XU as well so we moved most of that stuff into
Exynos5-specific files. That fixed our problems. The regarding
discussion and commits can be found here:


The fix has not moved to our master branch yet but it can be found on
our staging branch If you like give it a try:


Either way, you should prefer our Arndale code over our Odroid-XU code
as reference as it is better tested and apparently more generic than stated.

Besides, have you tried debugging from the given IP as mentioned in my
last mail? You might also obtain further information on the fault
through 'User_context::in_fault' in
Another option would be to instrument 'Translation_table' in
'base-hw/src/core/include/spec/arm/short_translation_table.h' to see
details on the mappings that are made.


On 09.02.2015 17:21, Waldo Paz Rodriguez wrote:
> Hi Genode hackers, I am did several printf to locate the error and it's 
> located on this lines
> about line 226:	static Rm_root rm_root  (e, e, e, &sliced_heap,
> 					  core_env()->cap_session(),
> 	                                  platform()->vm_start(),
> 					  platform()->vm_size());
> about line 80: Platform_generic *Genode::platform() {
>                   return platform_specific();
>                 }
> about line 73: Platform *Genode::platform_specific()
>                 {
> 	           static Platform _platform;
>                     return &_platform;
>                  }
> best regards waldo
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