Deployment of upstream library sources

Roman Iten roman.iten at ...304...
Mon Feb 9 14:35:44 CET 2015

Hi Norman

> [...] I guess the intention behind your question is to keep your
> custom code (you are referring to as "working directory") separate from
> the upstream Genode repository. I think the best way to achieve that
> would be to host your custom code in an entirely different repository
> and keep the Genode source tree clean from your custom code.

That's definitively the way to go! With "working directory" I was 
referring to the currently checked out branch the upstream genode git 

> [...] it is possible to create a tar archive with the
> exact subset of the Genode's source tree needed to exercise the
> prepare-port procedure. The archive must contain the following:
> * The port-description files along with their hash files (as printed
>    by the command above)
> * The port tools (located at 'genode/tool/ports')
> * All patches ('find -mindepth 4 -name "*.patch"')
> The following command assembles such an archive:
>    cd genode
>    tar cfz genode_3rd.tgz \
>       `find -mindepth 4 -name "*.port" \
>                     -or -name "*.hash" \
>                     -or -name "*.patch"` \
>        tool/ports
> When transferring the resulting 'genode_3rd.tgz' archive to your online
> computer, you will be able to perform the preparation of all ports using
> the 'tool/ports/...' tools contained in the archive. The resulting
> 'contrib/' directory can then be transferred to your offline computer.

Thanks very much for this elaborate explanation! I'm not yet sure 
whether I actually require (or want) so much flexibility to get the 
required ports. But anyway, it's good to know that it could be achieved.


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