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Mon Feb 9 05:44:14 CET 2015

Hi all,

I am trying to run available os/run/ script on imx6 platform
with modification for imx6. I am getting the following trace on the

Starting kernel ...

kernel initialized
Genode 14.11
int main(): --- create local services ---
int main(): --- start init ---
int main(): transferred 511 MB to init
int main(): --- init created, waiting for exit condition ---
undefined instruction
[init -> platform_drv] --- i.MX6 platform driver ---
[init -> fb_drv] Starting i.MX6 framebuffer driver
[init -> test-framebuffer] --- Test framebuffer ---
[init] child "platform_drv" announces service "Platform"
[init -> fb_drv] Could not open file "config"
[init -> fb_drv] Could not obtain config file
[init -> platform_drv] void Ccm::ipu_clk_enable(): Enabling IPU Clk
[init -> platform_drv] void Iomux::ipu_enable(): Enabling IOMUXC Clk
no RM attachment (faulter 142090 with IP 10001e94 attempts to write to
address 1280028)
void Genode::Pager_object::unresolved_page_fault_occurred(): not implemented
unknown signal context

As the trace shows after the init process creation one error "undefined
instruction" has been reported ? what could be the root cause of this ?

I changed the all platform_drv files according to imx6. which seems to be
working from the  "child platform_drv announces service Platform " message.
Is any thing wrong here ?

After this i am getting the error "could not open file config". I read
other mailing list thread which says it is not an error but while tracing
the code of framebuffer. I feel that it is important for framebuffer. But
still i am not able to find the location where to put config file and what
will be the content of this file.

Next, I am getting the no RM attachment error and page fault. what could be
the reason of getting this error?

Thanks in advance.

Chirag Garg
IIT Madras , Rise Lab

On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 5:49 PM, chirag garg <chiragdthinker at ...9...>

> Hi all,
> I was trying to understand the flow of framebuffer flow for given imx53
> code in the following directory
> repos/os/src/drivers/framebuffer/imx53/
> In the main function, one static variable "session_component" has been
> created which uses the "config_attribute" function defined in line number
> 115 which expect a config file in build process.
> What is the need of this config file with respect to framebuffer and where
> should i found this config file in the repository because when i run the
> framebuffer script it is not able to open config file?
> Regards
> Chirag Garg
> IIT Madras , Rise Lab
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