Help compiling Genode with other version of Fiasco.OC

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Mon Feb 2 10:47:30 CET 2015


unfortunately, using another Fiasco.OC kernel and syscall bindings for
Genode isn't supported anymore. The simple reason is: it won't work
anyway. We had to apply minor patches to the kernel, sigma0 etc. so that
Genode in general, or programs like GDB still work on top of Fiasco.OC.

Obviously, we forgot to clean up the documentation that still shows how
to use Fiasco.OC built beyond Genode's build directory. I will catch up
on it soon.

If you want to use another Fiasco.OC version, you will have to adapt the
Fiasco.OC source in Genode's "contrib" directory. Or even better, you
clone our current Fiasco.OC git repository:

and raise it to the version you like, not forgetting to apply the
patches that you find in branch "r56".

If you want to use a recent version of Fiasco.OC, you can also take my
branch. I've started to update our Fiasco.OC version, but did not find
the time to finish it yet:

Most things should work, but I've observed problems on Pandaboard, and
didn't updated L4Linux yet.


On 01/28/2015 04:47 AM, Reinier Millo Sánchez wrote:
> Hi
> I'm trying to compile Genode using another Fiasco.OC version. I'm using
> Fiasco.OC from snapshot(2014022815). I have added the etc/foc.conf file
> with
>  L4_BUILD_DIR = /home/millo/l4re-snapshot-2014022815/src/l4/build
>  KERNEL       =
> /home/millo/l4re-snapshot-2014022815/src/kernel/fiasco/build/fiasco
> I have compiled the Fiaco.OC
>     export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/genode-gcc/bin/
>   export SYSTEM_TARGET=genode-x86-
> On Fiasco.OC source folder:
>   make BUILDDIR=build
>   cd build
>   make menuconfig
>   make -j8
> On L4Re source folder:
>   make B=build
>   make O=build SYSTEM_TARGET=genode-x86- menuconfig
>   make O=build SYSTEM_TARGET=genode-x86- -j8
> On L4Re building process get the error:
> ==> Linking dde26_test
> ...
> undefined reference to `__emutls_v.__libc_errno'
> Trying to build Genode for foc_x86 ignoring the L4Re error y got another
> error, and it seems that Genode is not using the new Fiasco.OC version
>   make cleanall
>   make run/printf
>   make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/millo/GenodeOS/build/foc_x86_32'
>   genode build completed
>   using fiasco kernel
> /home/millo/GenodeOS/build/foc_x86_32/kernel/fiasco.oc/fiasco
>   using sigma0/bootstrap at /home/millo/GenodeOS/build/foc_x86_32/l4
>   cp: cannot stat
> `/home/millo/GenodeOS/build/foc_x86_32/l4/bin/x86_586/l4f/sigma0': No
> such file or directory
> Somebody have tested Genode with another version of Fiasco.OC? I'm doing
> anything wrong?
> Best regards
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