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Sat Dec 26 14:33:41 CET 2015

On 12/22/15 23:33, Guido Witmond wrote:
> Hi Genodians,
> With the release 15.11 I've build a new working Genode system with
> lighttpd on top of the Fiasco kernel, the only kernel that likes my
> hardware.

Correction, my system runs under Fiasco/OC 64 bit.

> There is another issue, the whole site stops responding after a little
> time. Clicking new urls just give timeouts.

I've investigated:

It's a sporadic issue, sometimes it happens almost immediately, other
times, it happened after 5 hours. Independent of the amount of http-traffic.

First I got this error on the console:

Ipxe_session_component::_receive(const char*, unsigned int): failed to
process received packet

This was the evil code responsible for that:

  } catch (...) {
    PDBG("failed to process received packet");

Disabling that catch-all and running again gave this error:

[init -> nic_drv] Uncaught exception of type
[init -> nic_drv] abort called - thread: 'nic_drv_ep'

To me this file is where the error gets thrown but not caught:

It looks to me that the system dies on an unexpected packet from the
outside. And I don't want to place a linux based firewall in front of
Genode. ;-)

I've tried to add some code to show details of the packet and why it
cannot be allocated. However, I can't get this change to get compiled
and build.

Here I'm stuck.

Please help me how can I change the repos/os part and get it to compile.
Or with whatever else I'm doing wrong.

Cheers, Guido.

PS. If you are going to have a New Years' resolution (or a Roadmap
entry), please remove those evil catchalls that hide the root causes.
There's quite a few in the codebase.

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