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Tue Dec 22 23:08:17 CET 2015

    Norman, and other fellow Genodians-

    I like the direction Genode is going...
here are a few reflection's following Norman's call for discussion:

*   Norman wrote: " *Supplementing Genode with user-friendly means to
configure...**Right now,  **I use Vim as configuration front end, which is
    My thought: One can certainly get a lot of configuration usability out
of a basic, potentially colored, 2D ASCII text document. Not to mention how
much lighter and more portable the (potentially remote) terminal display
can be.
   So while GUI tool kits are great for some things, I'd like it if little
headless nodes running Genode (Snickerdoodle <>) would be
just as easy to re/configure.   Thus I vote that Genode's next generation
of [ASCII] configuration files are both very easy to read, in addition to
edit with a (potentially augmented) terminal emulation program...   i.e.
lets not prematurely jump on the GUI bandwagon, before Genode achieves a
similar ease of configuration using a significantly lighter level of
display / keyboard interaction...
    given the goal stated above, why not at the same time provide a very
nice set of terminal interaction API's within the Genode framework, that
one can count on as a lower level system resource, such that other light
weight apps that run on Genode can also count that this terminal
interaction API might be made available as shared resource.

* Norman writes: "*bringing **forward Emery's work on the Nix package
   My thought: the Nix pure function based package management system looks
interesting.. but I do have some concern that the Genode project might in
some way mange to align it self with the emerging standards for application
container management...  Now I'm not saying that Nix/Genode would not have
something say as it joins the container standardization party..  This may
be all the more reason to make the effort toward fully functional
integration with the emerging OS (potentially bootable) and Application
container standards.

* Yes auto mounting USB thumb drives (using a fully protected USB driver
stack) would be great...

* Yes, a state machine based perspective makes a great foundation for the
design of Genode API's...   Yes..Yes bring it on!!

* Norman bring up the seL4 formally verified micro kernel..
In similar directions,  I would like to see Genode development explore the
potentials of working relationships with LowRisc <>,
as well as BERI and BERI2 (formaly verifyed)  CPU projects
<>...  these are all
security oriented, open source CPU hardware design research projects...
where I gather the perspective of those at the top of there game designing
the Genode OS would be more than welcomed....   I'll be happy if I can keep
up with the innovation that is likely to result from such a collaboration...

   Hope this helps
       all the best
          Peter (SaxMan) Lindener
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