tz_vmm demo on USB Armory

Martin Stein martin.stein at ...1...
Mon Dec 21 15:14:05 CET 2015

Hey John,

Am 21.12.2015 um 14:41 schrieb John David:
> Thanks a lot. Maybe i will take a look at this article
> <>
> and see if i can do the same thing for USB Armory.

That's a good idea, combined with the readings about the USB Armory
Linux VM demo, it might serve as a good guide line.

> Regarding SSH connection, when i tried to connect to USB Armory Linux-VM
> via SSH over IP as described in thistutorial
> <> it
> asked me to enter a password for a root user. I entered a default root
> password which is 'root'. After the password entry, it displayed,
> "|Permission denied, please try again|". I also tried to connect without
> a password but same thing happen. I would be grateful if you have some
> ideas on this issue.

As described in [1], the login name and password are both 'usbarmory'.
This is a good hint, I think I'll add this to my article.



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