tz_vmm demo on USB Armory

Martin Stein martin.stein at ...1...
Fri Dec 18 11:51:15 CET 2015

Hi John,

Am 18.12.2015 um 09:05 schrieb Christian Helmuth:
> kernel initialized
> Genode 15.08

As suspected, you're using a Genode version that is older than the one
that is used in the article. Besides, we have fixed this lapse. The last
chapter of the article now describes how to get the right version.

> [init -> tz_vmm] [vm] [info] Using makefile-style concurrent boot in runlevel 2.
> [ ok  -> tz_vmm] [vm] [....] Starting enhanced syslogd: rsyslogd.
> [ ok  -> tz_vmm] [vm] [....] Starting periodic command scheduler: cron.
> [ ok  -> tz_vmm] [vm] [....] Starting OpenBSD Secure Shell server: sshd.
> [init -> tz_vmm] [vm] 
> [init -> tz_vmm] [vm] Debian GNU/Linux 7 usbarmory console
> [init -> tz_vmm] [vm]

However, in contrast to your assumption, this is already the Linux
prompt. The old version is sufficient to reach this point. But, as
indicated in the article, you can't enter commands through the serial
console because the port that Linux uses is based on a para-virtualized
driver that supports output only. This wont change with the version
update. But the update introduces USB support in the VM Linux and
thereby enables you to use the host communication methods described in
the USB Armory Wiki [1].



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