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Tue Dec 1 22:24:05 CET 2015

Hello Josef,

While working on the port today I obtained an error that also occurs when I
start the default noux_bash run script. For example, when you run the ls
command inside the bash shell I obtain the following error:

[init -> noux] Segmentation fault (signum=11), see Linux kernel log for

The error seems to occur in the constructor of the new child.

Kind regards,


On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 1:14 PM, Josef Söntgen <
josef.soentgen at ...1...> wrote:

> Hallo Harm,
> * Harm de Vries <vries101 at ...9...> [2015-11-30 11:53:17 +0100]:
> > I would like to get the Mutt email client running in Noux. Could someone
> > give me a few pointers on how to start such a port?
> Reading the porting guide [1] is usually the first step.
> Creating a port mainly involves identifying the functionality the port
> needs or rather expects and finding ways to provide it in Noux and/or
> on Genode. Since the basic process is documented in the porting guide
> I hesitate to repeat it here but, by all means, feel free to ask any
> further questions if something is still unclear after reading it.
> Regarding mutt, I already started porting it some time ago [1]
> (the branch includes isync and msmtp as well) but have not finished
> it yet. There are still some unresolved issue (e.g. our terminal
> lacks support for some escape sequences issued by ncurses while
> using mutt) and I only tested mbsync and msmtp briefly — I rather
> expect them to fail than to work properly. That being said if you
> want to give porting mutt yourself a shot, be my guest and I will
> gladly lend you a hand or two :-)
> Regards Josef
> [1]
> [2]
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