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Thu Apr 23 11:24:10 CEST 2015

Hello Paramesh,

> I have attached the file as reference) it looks like the printf's in
> are completely bypassing the library(not touching the functions
> of libc). Is it not??  If it is, then it is using the printf() in Genode
> directly with out using the plugins of libc and hence the printf's in
> bionic's testing as attached) should also need to print
> right?

since your program states "using namespace Genode", the compiler
resolves the "printf" symbol by using 'Genode::printf', which is
provided directly by the Genode environment and is independent from the
libc. If you want to make sure to *not* call 'Genode::printf', omit the
"using namespace Genode" directive. Alternatively, you may change
"printf" to "::printf" to explicitly tell the compiler your intention.

>                 As per the debug messages that I have, bionic is exactly
> stopping just after the parsing of config (taking the file path given to
> stdout). Am I missing out something here?

To investigate the point where the program gets stuck, I would run the
scenario on base-linux, list all Genode threads via 'ps -eLf | grep
Genode' and attach to GDB to the thread in question using 'gdb -p
<thread-id>'. In GDB, you can conveniently obtain a backtrace with the
'bt' command.


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