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Wed Apr 22 12:20:16 CEST 2015

Hello everyone,
                      I'm porting Bionic Libc on to Genode. Even though
there are few warnings that needs to be resolved, the library is compiling
fine so far. I have a problem in running the library.

        In normal libc, in its test application, consisting of only printf
statments), if I comment the inclusion of *stdio.h* instead *using
namespace Genode* then it prints the statements as it is supposed to print
with libc. As far as my understanding it is using the Genode printf() help
to print the statements, not the libc printf().

        But, in my library(bionic), the same thing is not working after the
same changes as above(with same ). Its not printing anything and
waiting infinitely. I cannot understand how to interpret this problem, Is
it problem with Library?

    The run file of my library is similar to the *libc* run file.

Thanks and Regards,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
I.I.T. Madras, Chennai, India
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