Freescale i.MX 53 SABRE tablet - TrustZone demonstration

Ofer Hasson hassonof at ...310...
Mon Apr 20 13:08:23 CEST 2015


I'm trying to reproduce the demonstration in the article:

I've followed the readme instructions (
and also tried to download the pre-built image.
With both i get the same result. The TrustZone GUI loads nicely, but when i
turn on the 'normal world' by pressing the 'play' button, the android hangs
and don't complete the boot, it hangs when the small tux (Linux penguin
logo) is on the top right corner.
If I'm connected through the RS-232 debug interface, the android underlying
linux is responding and i get a shell. The Linux keeps 'killing' the netd
process over and over again:
init: untracked pid XXXX exited

sometimes i also get:
request_suspend_state: on (0->0) at XXXXXXXXXXXX (1970-01-02
3:15:26.3252353422 UTC)

I loaded the image.elf to sdcard, and plugged it to the SABRE tablet, on
the u-boot countdown i hit a key and load the image using "ext2load mmc
....." and then launching the image using 'go'.

Also, android libraries are not loaded, so 'svc', 'am' and other android
commands do not work (could not load

Is there any modifications need to made to the android / Linux guest for
the demonstration ?
Any idea what needs to be changed or why this is happening ?

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