Data Abort MMU exception on mapped IO register read

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Good idea, Martin. I'll dig through the u-boot source for the AM335x. I sent a message to Robert C Nelson who maintains an excellent wiki on various ARM processors to see what he did to get the Linux driver working.


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Hi Bob,

On 14.04.2015 14:19, robjsstewart at ...196... wrote:
> Linux has a UIO
> driver for this particular peripheral but the only configuration that
> driver did was to enable the clock to the module, which a necessary step
> for most peripherals on this SoC.
> As you can see from my reply to Stefan, the real error is related to bus
> access.

If Linux does merely this clock config, different boot loaders could
cause the different bus configs. Thus, if you don't find documentation
on the bus controllers, maybe the boot loader source of your Linux
scenario gives you further hints.


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