ldso problem on zynq

Johannes Schlatow schlatow at ...238...
Thu Apr 9 18:05:54 CEST 2015


as previously mentioned, I'm running Genode on Zynq-based hardware...which is progressing quite well by the way ;-)

Unfortunately, I got stuck at using the dynamic linker, i.e. 'make run/ldso' fails with the following output:

> Genode 14.11-93-ge5ef216
> int main(): --- create local services ---
> int main(): --- start init ---
> int main(): transferred 1020 MB to init
> int main(): --- init created, waiting for exit condition ---
> [init -> test-ldso] LD: Failed to load program
> [init] virtual void Genode::Child_policy::exit(int): child "test-ldso" exited with exit value -1

As I'm quite unfamiliar with dynamic linking in general, I have no clue what's wrong here. Also, having a quick look at the corresponding lines in the ldso didn't shed much light on this matter. Thus, I'd be very glad to get a few hints from you guys. Any ideas what I need to check to narrow this down?

If you are interested in the zynq-related code, you can find it at:


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