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Wed Apr 1 16:00:42 CEST 2015

Hi all

I am running Genode 15.02 over the I.MX6 board. I tried to run tz_vmm
script to run another Genode kernel image in normal world which running
successfully. Also, I am able to switch from Normal world to the secure
world and vice-versa.

Now I want to access some secure resources from the Normal world to see
TrustZone enable features. So i write a small application "switch" with the
help of IO_mem_connection and mmio class which access the secure RAM region
used by the secure world but nothing happens there it is executing normally
in Normal world.
What kind of behavior is expected from the Normal world on this access?

I am using UART-2 in both the world to print the messages. On the other
hand, when i make UART-2 secure in csu.h then normal world doesn't execute
at all and DATA ABORT exception occurred.

I guess, I have to do some thing with CSU(csu.h) and TZASC (tsc_380.h) to
see the TrustZone enable expected behavior.
Please, Let me know where i could be wrong or what i can do to proceed
further in this direction ?

Thanks in advance.

Chirag Garg
IIT Madras , Rise Lab
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