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Tue Sep 23 16:45:01 CEST 2014

Hi Mohammad,

> As feed back of my previous effort, i can tell you that i was able to
> bring IPsec to the LWIP stack and test it  with manual configuration 
> and it is work well .
> Now i would like to test that in RPi , but actually I faild even to run
> the Demo example by using the release 14.08 of Genode. later, I tried
> with the release 13.11 and it is working smoothly.
> Now i would like to test the network example ( libports/run/
> i tried to run it but i get
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/mohammad/genode-13.11/build.rpi'
> cp: cannot stat `bin/nic_drv': No such file or directory
> any one was able to run this test successfully before ?
> if not , any advices or suggestions to help me to do it .

Christian Helmuth and me have actually worked on the Rpi support over
the just passed Hack'n'Hike weekend. We implemented the early in-kernel
handling of USB SOF interrupts. bringing the CPU load caused by the USB
driver to a reasonable level. We also tested networking (which is
realized via networking-over-USB on the Rpi). You can find this line of
work on the following branch:

You are right that networking on the Rpi was pretty much untested until
now. With the branch above, however,, as well as are known to work. So you may give it a try. Taking a closer
look at the individual commits will give you a good indication about the
kind of changes required to add Rpi support to an existing run script.


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