ambiguous services of children

David Goltzsche d.goltzsche at ...247...
Tue Sep 23 12:07:41 CEST 2014

Hi all,

in my setup, i have a parent process with multiple children with IDs,
lets say the are named child_1 to child_3.

the parent recievces messages with an ID and should forward it to the
child with the corresponding ID.  Therefore all children announce the
same service, lets say "child_communcation", to the parent.

In order to avoid ambiguities, the parent process would have to
reconfigure its route every time a message arrives. that means if
message with ID 3 arrives, the route for the service
"child_communication" must lead to child_3.

this solution seems odd to me, am i missing a mechanism in genode that
allows a parent to communicate with its children directly, when they all
announced the same service? 


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