Para-virtualization support for ARM on Genode

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We are able to run Genode-14.08 on i.MX6 board.
Now I am planning to add support for virtualization for Genode on i.MX6.

As the processor is Cortex-A9, it does not have virtualization extensions.
So I am planning to implement a hypervisor to run para-virtualized linux,
similar to the one proposed in the following paper,

I am not sure that would work for ARMv7 as they have only tested for ARMv5.
Can you suggest any other para-virtualization solutions preferred for the
implementation of Genode. I saw L4Linux but it is a port of linux to L4Re
and not to the kernel itself. On the other hand, SierraVisor and Xen  are
bare metal hypervisors.

The road map for Genode 14.11 says virtualization support for Cortex-A7. I
assume you will be using virtualization extensions and not a
para-virtualization solution.

Can you suggest which is the best place to start. Should I implement a VMM
similar to tz_vmm server or should it be implemented in base-hw as VMM
should be in supevisor mode and not user mode.

Praveen Srinivas
M.Tech 2nd Year,
CSE, IIT Madras
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