Problem when manipulating QT window geometry

Christian Prochaska christian.prochaska at ...1...
Mon Sep 15 18:23:17 CEST 2014

Hello Marcus,

could you please try with the following patch applied?

The patch is primarily about resizing Qt windows via the window manager,
but it modifies some of the places you mentioned.

If it still doesn't work, could you perhaps provide a test case which
can be used for debugging?


On 09/15/2014 04:29 PM, Marcus Nolte wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I am currently experimenting a little with Genode 14.08.
> When playing around in Qt5, I encountered some problems when trying to 
> change the geometry of a QMainWindow.
> I have an additional Genode::Thread running, which can trigger a 
> geometry-change of the application's main window by methods provided by 
> the MainWindow.
> When a change of the window's geometry is triggered, it seems as if the 
> window-decorations are properly resized, but the QtWindow underneath is 
> kept at its original size. Additionally, the thread which triggers the 
> geometry-change is blocked (this holds true for the Genode::Thread, as 
> well as for a QThread).
> Resizing the window with the mouse works properly.
> I took a look at the Nitpicker Qt-Plugin, where I noticed two things:
> 1. - There is some unused code in qnitpickerplatformwindow.cpp in 
> QNitpickerPlatformWindow::handle_events().
> Until now I did not dig into the Window_slave_policy, but the inactive 
> code segment looks to me, as if it should change the QtWindow's geometry.
> 2. - The Processing seems to stop somewhere before returning the 
> framebuffer of the the PlatformWindow when detaching / attaching it from 
> / to the rm_ssession.
> Since I'm not quite familiar with all the internal Nitpicker / Qt stuff, 
> it would be great if anyone with a little more experience could provide 
> some help. ;-)
> - Or am I even trying something which is not intended?
> Cheers
> Marcus
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