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Fri Oct 31 07:54:27 CET 2014

Hi again,

On 10/30/2014 11:11 PM, Nobody III wrote:
> I have tested the run script run/ahci (os/run/ahci) on both foc-x86_64
> and fiasco-x86. It doesn't work on either platform. In the "Limitations
> and Known Issues" section of the README, it does mention that it won't
> work properly on real hardware or on Fiasco.OC, but it also doesn't work
> on Fiasco in qemu. I would very much like AHCI to work on Fiasco.OC on
> real hardware. Can someone who understands the problems fix it? (Or
> teach me enough so I can fix it; note that all my experience with Genode
> is in configuration, not actual programming, and that I'm not familiar
> with OS development.)

The README is a bit of outdated I guess. The driver runs on real
hardware on both Fiasco as well as the OC version. It will not work for
these kernels within Qemu, because there are issues with the interrupt
level/polarity settings and the ACPI tables of Qemu. I have already
fixed that a number of times, but I don't regard the Qemu support as a
good option anymore because there are too many changes with each Qemu
version. If you want to fix it for your Qemu version, have a look at
'repos/base-foc/src/core/irq_session_component.cc' and
contrib/foc-<hash>/src/kernel/foc/l4/pkg/l4sys/include/icu.h', that
would be appreciated.


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