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> Sorry for not being clear. Is there a way to set the fs_rom service to
> provide files from a directory within a filesystem (e.g. /bin) as ROM
> modules? (Sorry if I'm using the wrong terminology.)

this is possible by instructing the file-system server (like ram_fs or
rump_fs) to hand out a specific directory as the root for a session. The
policy can be defined depending on the label of the session. In
'', you can find an example for such a file-system server

  <!-- constrain sessions according to their labels -->
  <policy label="noux -> root" root="/" />
  <policy label="noux -> home" root="/home/user" writeable="yes" />
  <policy label="noux -> tmp"  root="/tmp"       writeable="yes" />

If the client with the session label "noux -> tmp" connects to the
server, ram_fs will hand out "/tmp" as the root for this session.

In your case where you want fs_rom to obtain ROM files from "/lib", you
would likely define a policy like this:

  <policy label="fs_rom" root="/lib" />


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