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On 10/17/2014 03:24 PM, li94575 wrote:
> Thank you for your reply!
> At 2014-10-14 19:08:17, "Stefan Kalkowski" <stefan.kalkowski at ...1... <mailto:stefan.kalkowski at ...1...>> wrote:
>>I assume that your message buffer when sending a message to the server
>>is corrupt, so that it contains a "0x4" as first word within the
>>message. Although it is not impossible that we've a general bug in the
>>base-foc code, we didn't observed such behavior in the past, though we
>>test it heavily regularly. Therefore I think you've a memory corruption
>>problem within your client, or did you also touched other code (e.g.:
>>something in the parent tree of your client). Where is your connection
>>initiated, within the BSS segment, heap, or stack?
> The location of the connection is at
> “.../ports-foc/src/Lib/L4lx/”, like this:
> static I2C::Connection *i2c() { static bool initialized = false; static
> I2C::Connection *i = 0; if (!initialized) { try { static I2C::Connection
> t; i = &t; } catch(...) {} initialized = true; } return i; }

Ok, if you use a Genode framework version prior to 14.02 (which is not
recommended anyway!) the stack of the first thread in a task is fixed
within the BSS segment. If you get a stack overflow it isn't detected,
and memory corruption might occur. If you use a newer version the stack
of the first thread lies within the threads context area, and stack
overflows are detected. Then memory corruption, which I assume is the
problem here, is caused probably by your own code.

To further debug that problem, you might use the kernel debugger of
Fiasco.OC e.g. to set a watchpoint at the first word of the message
buffer, to see what code might overwrite it. Of course, it is
problematic to debug as long as the problem occurs sporadically.

When it comes to sporadic memory corruption, thread synchronization
suggests itself. Is your program using multiple threads? Again you might
use the kernel debugger to ensure the number of threads in your task.

>>Maybe you can provide some code snippet that helps to reproduce the problem?
> The frequency of this error is not very high, sometimes several times a
> day, sometimes not once a week. 
> So, it is difficult to determine which part of the code causes the
> error. Ourselves also don't know how to 
> reproduce the error.Now, the error is mainly printed by I2C driver, also
> by some other drivers,such as 
> Modem driver. The client is l4android.

I understand, so from my perspective probably the client side
(l4android) is the problem, although the server side prints the error
message. There are plenty possibilities to shoot oneself in the foot,
when it comes to Linux kernel drivers using Genode device backends, and
it's hard to give a general advice here. You've to ensure to fulfill the
required sematic of the corresponding device class in the Linux kernel,
e.g. with respect to SMP-safeness etc.. You've to ensure to always mask
the interrupts in the kernel before doing a Genode IPC call, when the
VCPU executing the Linux kernel code is doing the IPC by itself.
Obvoiusly, you've to ensure that all threads: kernel's VCPU, as well as
device backend threads are synchronized accordingly.

If you provide your full scenario: source code, run-script to reproduce
the problem, as well as full log output of the error case, I might have
a look at it.


> When the error occurs, there is a phenomenon that the ID on server side
> is always "0x4", no matter what 
> value of the label is.
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